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  英品衛浴有限公司( 以下簡稱“英品”),有著十幾年的非標定制不銹鋼淋浴房經驗,熟悉行業的發展趨勢,在星級酒店與豪華公寓衛浴處理方面有獨特的解決方案。集多年的供銷資源,專業非標設計、生產、銷售中高端的不銹鋼沐浴房、不銹鋼水龍頭、花灑等。為廣大消費者提供更個性化、多元化的選擇。






Company Profile

  Enpany Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd, We have more than 10 years experience in custom-made stainless steel shower enclosures, familiar with the industry’s development trend, and we can offer unique bathroom solutions for star hotel and luxury apartment. With many year’s resource of supplying and marketing,Providing consumer with most personalized and diversified choice in design, manufacturing and sale top and high-end stainless steel shower enclosure, stainless steel faucet, and shower mixers.

Brand Positioning

  Enpany is committed to any angle, any arc, any color, always insist to provide “Private custom-made brand strategy, offer difference in design and manufacturing to achieve customer demand for the pursuit of individual life.

Sales Channel

  Currently, Enpany had established with more than 100 Terminal Store in main and large city across China, Build up with a strong sales network.

  Enpany is pursuing "progressive, realistic, rigorous, unity” business tenet , Continue to develop technological innovation, put material as the core part, consider quality as our company’s life, treat customer as God, dedicated to provide value-for-money bathroom products and meticulous after sales service.





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電話:0760-89901088 聯系人:鄭經理(189 4889 9976/18948899971)王經理(189 4889 9972) 郵箱:service@enpany.com

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